The perspective that Jen has on the entire industry of professional organizing is a breath of fresh air. 
— Dawn Stockslager

Happy Clients


We all know Layne is that competent and funny girl that has a lot to share with us. Getting the one-on-one experience with her, and the time dedicated just to me and my business, encouraging and motivating me to follow my dreams brought my business to another level!


I hired Hunter to help improve my web presence and search engine optimization. I'm the kind of person that needs to know carefully drawn-out plans as to what to do next, and Hunter delivered a well thought-out and easy plan to follow. 


I recently posted a simple ad, using the logo Emma did for me as the picture. I was contacted by a successful realtor in town shortly after to book a consult. She told me it was my clean and calm logo that inspired her to contact me! 


Just hired two subcontractors thanks to Danielle's guide. Then, because I have help, I was able to take on a big project and sold my highest package!



I worked with Emma on my logo, and she also developed a beautiful and professional website that leaves a great first impression. Hunter helped me step up my social media game, and my business has grown faster than I could have anticipated. I'm living my dream and having so much fun doing it!


Just picked up a signed contract for 8 sessions and my first 4 figure check! Inspired Organizer™ gave me SO MANY light bulb moments I was looking for to propel me into this new found success. I'm so excited - I may have to go buy myself a treat!


Describing how I feel about Jen and this course is nearly impossible. I was honestly hunting for "my thing" for years. Besides the actionable info that you get, Jen has this ability to make you feel worthy of great things, and valued! 


I've been in business for 4+ years, have worked with a PO coach as well as other biz coaches, but THIS is what I've been looking for: a concise, step-by-step process to build a business that works for me. Today, I found it!