CREATIVE ideas for your business

This is a regularly-updated list of unique things I've seen done or read about that you might think about incorporating into your business. 💕


Interesting types of services

  • Bootcamps
  • Group parties hosted by the PO
  • DIY plans (written)
  • Recorded walkthroughs of your ideas for the home (in person or virtual)
  • Whole home organizing makeover (family moves out for a week)
  • Interior re-design
  • Free book club (you assign an organizing or productivity book; discuss in your Facebook group)
  • Designing and installing gallery walls (look on Pinterest for ideas)


Cool ways of naming your packages

  • Petite/Grande
  • Basic/Committed
  • Silver/Gold


Good ideas for products

  • Printable checklists/charts
  • Ebooks on your specialty
  • Mini course


Opt-in offer ideas

  • Checklists based on popular organizing books
  • Generic whole-home DIY plan
  • A short email course/guide helping them get ready to work with a pro organizer, what to expect during process, and how to get the most from their results
  • 30-day decluttering challenge
  • Workbooks or worksheets
  • Detailed case studies from past clients willing to share their experience (include the full story, lots of before and after pics, a video testimonial or interview with you and your client)
  • Your unique manifesto in a beautiful printable poster format