Frequently Asked Questions

Do people really pay for someone to organize their house?

Yep, it's really a thing! 

Check out 30 reasons why people are hiring professional organizers right here.

I love to organize, but is professional organizing for me?

Awesome question! We clearly love it, but it's certainly not for everyone. We've put together a list of 10 things to ask yourself before starting a professional organizing business to get you started.

We also suggest joining our free Facebook group to soak in a variety of different topics from newbie and seasoned pro organizers, along with listening to our live chat replays on YouTube. 

Assisting another professional organizer is also a way to get organizing experience without taking on the expenses of having your own business (and you may be able to find someone looking for a subcontractor in your area in our Facebook group!)

Lastly, if you're sure you want to start your own organizing company, it can be hard to find a competitor in your area willing to let you shadow them. A Skype call with Layne is the perfect way to get an honest look at the everyday life of a full-time organizer before you invest time and money into this business.

How will I know what to charge for organizing services?

Start with our free course!

Do you have forms for professional organizers?

We're listening to your requests! Check out what we offer in the free Resource Library and tell us more about what you are looking for in the suggestion box at the bottom of the page.

What do you mean by "package pricing"?

A session is a predetermined length of time you spend in a client’s home doing hands-on work (my session is 3 hours), so it has a cost equal to 3 hours at your “standard” hourly rate. Currently my advertised hourly rate is $100/hour, and I would charge this if someone indeed wanted me to organize by the hour without any further commitment.

However, rather than quote by the hour, I offer packages. A package is a block of sessions purchased and scheduled all at once (for example, 4 sessions = 12 hours). For example, I offer 4, 8, 12, and 24 session packages currently. By purchasing a package, they receive a 15%, 25%, 35%, or 50% discount, respectively.

Package pricing for professional organizers is completely adjustable to what you can and are willing to include outside of your in-home hours as an all-inclusive service, and whether or not you have subcontractors. I teach this business model in-depth, along with specific techniques for targeting and selling to high-end clientele in the Master Class.

Do you have a professional organizer toolkit?

How much do professional organizers make a year?

The income potential for pro organizers is dependent on a ton of factors, including your physical ability to do demanding in-home work day after day. Most organizing businesses bringing in over six figures annually are using subcontractors to complete larger jobs and take on multiple projects at a time. We have an affordable guide on the legal, financial, and personal considerations that go into building your team the right way.