Work with Layne

Layne Brookshire has over 6 years of full-time professional organizing experience and is well-versed on the ins and outs of working with high-end clientele.

She is available for Skype calls on the following topics and more:

  • Is pro organizing right for you?
  • Professional etiquette
  • Troubleshooting client-facing dilemmas
  • Preparing yourself for the demands of a full-time schedule

$85 per hour


"The information Layne has to share is amazing! She's like your personal cheerleader and 'how to deal with clients' coach."

Daryn Maughan, Home Order Restored 

"Imagine your best friend. Then imagine your best friend is as obsessed about organizing as you are AND has all the answers to ALL your questions. That's the only way to put Layne into words.  Not only will she encourage you to the ends of the earth, but she will also be a voice of reason and push you to accomplish your most challenging goals. And what I LOVE most about working with Layne is that she is always so bubbly and willing to share her golden ideas with me. I couldn't have found someone better to help me build my organizing business!"

Jenna Nguyen, Tidy Mango


"We all know Layne is that competent and funny girl that has a lot to share with us. Getting the one-on-one experience with her, and the time dedicated just to me and my business, encouraging and motivating me to follow my dreams brought my business to another level!"

Aridiane Ter Avest, Di Is Organized