How to use Instagram to market your pro organizing side hustle

How to use Instagram to market your pro organizing side hustle


Are you ready to talk about all things Instagram? If you've been joining our weekly live chats, you know I'm CRAZY about Instagram for professional organizers. For real... you're building a business based on a beautiful, luxurious, organized lifestyle. How Instagram worthy is that?! This is why I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to Instagram strategies for pro organizers. 

Starting from scratch, though, can be downright intimidating. That's why I'm giving you this post to show you exactly how to use Instagram to market your professional organizing side hustle. Not sure if Instagram is right for you? Download the FREE social media checklist for pro organizers below.

Why your pro organizing business needs Instagram

People on Instagram are far more engaged than those on other social media sites... and with 400 million active users, that's HUGE for your business. Check out these stats:

  • 70% of U.S. brands will be on Instagram this year
  • 75% of Instagram users take action after seeing an Instagram ad (this is AMAZING)
  • 31% of all American women are on Instagram

Instagram lets you connect with your customers, inspiring them with the organized lifestyle they want. Look at how some of the Pro Organizer Studio girls are using Instagram for their home organizing businesses:

Layne does a fantastic job curating images that feel luxurious (perfect for attracting high-end clientele who can afford your services). Remember, a first-class Instagram feed is about inspiring your audience, not showcasing every organization project you've done. 

Then there was that time Marie Kondo (you know, from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?) reposted from our girl Adria's Instagram.... YASSS, QUEEN. 

And Inspired Organizer™ boss babe Lindsey puts styled stock photography to work on her feed. 

3 things you need to know to get started

1. It's ok to repost other people's pictures... just keep it classy
You don't have to invest tons of time and money taking your own pictures. Instagram is full of inspiring images that you can totally share -- just keep some simple etiquette in mind. First, message the owner of the photograph before posting. Keep it brief and polite — "Hey, I love your work! Is it ok if I share your image with my followers?" 

Second, always credit the source. This is so easy to do on Instagram. All you have to do is tag their account by typing @[their Instagram name]. You can use a camera emoji to keep things snappy and stylish. (📸  like this!)

You can also get free stock photography from websites like Unsplash to add more variety to your feed. 


2. Make the most of Instagram hashtags
Instagram will let you put up to 30 hashtags on every post... so totally do that! Hashtags are how potential clients and new followers will find you.

Maxing out your hashtags is smart marketing, but not if it makes your IG feed look cluttered (you're a pro organizer, after all!). Adding hashtags to a comment on your post, rather than the caption itself, is a great way to keep things tidy — and I know you're all about that life. 😇  

Not sure which hashtags you should use? Keep reading! I've put together a complete list of 30 hashtags for professional organizers later in this post. 


3. Use Instagram Stories to share your organizing projects
Instagram Stories are becoming more and more popular (and starting to outpace Snapchat). Since Instagram Stories are temporary (they won't show up on your photo grid with your other posts), they're the perfect spot to share the real work you do as a pro organizer. You could share:

  • Behind the scenes of a home organizing project
  • Before and afters
  • Your favorite organizing supplies
  • "Day in the life" posts... your potential clients want to get to know you!

And super serious point: make sure that you have your client's permission to post any photos or videos of their home. 

Hashtags for professional organizers

Ready to start using Instagram for your biz? I want you to jump in, without perfectionism and overwhelm holding you back. The 30 hashtags below are ready for you to copy and paste into your Instagram posts, so you can grow your following and build your brand now. 

Oh, and while you're busy posting, don't forget to follow me @proorganizerstudio!































What to do after you post on Instagram

You've shared the perfect image with your followers... Now what? What you do after you share a post is just as important if you really want to grow your following. 

1. Like the post from your personal account
The first couple of minutes of engagement with your followers are really important for your post to do well, so go ahead and give it some hearts. You can also share it to your Facebook page for some extra reach. 

2. Respond to comments
Social media is not a set it and forget it kind of thing. You need to show up and work it if you want clients to connect with your biz. Replying to comments makes your audience feel special... and that's exactly how you want your potential organizing clients to feel.

3. Be visible
This is where you put the SOCIAL in social media. Follow professionals in your area (think interior designers, real estate agents, and high-end service providers), and set aside time to interact with them. Friendly comments on their posts will help you build relationships, and that can lead to referrals. Plus, their followers will start seeing your name... it's a total win-win situation for you. 

But seriously... what if I don't have time for Instagram?

Being the boss of you comes with some great perks... and some huge demands on your time. I totally get it. That's why I started Pro Organizer Studio — nobody else was teaching sales strategies that made sense for new pro organizers, and I couldn't find a branding agency that understood exactly what I was trying to do. Before you panic, stop and watch DIY Social Media Tips for Professional Organizers on my YouTube channel. Seriously, with a little organization, you can do a TON on social media in just an afternoon.

If consultations, in-home sessions, and running your biz have your calendar totally full, Pro Organizer Studio offers full-service social media management that will inspire your audience in a way that is totally you. Because nobody should have to wear EVERY HAT in her business.

Download your free social media checklist below to launch your Instagram with confidence. 

P.S. Want to see how other pro organizers are using social? Jump into our Facebook group and start a discussion! 

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