#FBLIVE: How to package moving services, organizing solo, & yoga for professional organizers

Jen answers a question in the P.O. Studio girls Facebook group about helping clients who are moving and how to package organizing services for them. Check out the answer and a lot of other Q&A!

Problem of the day! Natalie asks, "How should I package a move for a client?" Should I be packing boxes at a cheaper rate while also organizing & staging a home for sale? 

Hear me discuss why I don't have different prices for different types of projects and how to best handle a client's need for full-service moving [Hint: The pro organizer should be the mastermind behind her client's move, ensuring that her overall strategy matches up with deadlines and that the right people are packing boxes at the right price ;)]

Also, this week we discussed:

- how and why organizing alone for a client can be the win-win-win for you and her

- why I haven't ever hired employees for my business

- some truths about taking care of yourself in this sometimes physically demanding job (#yoga)

- taking the leap from charging $20 an hour to selling high-end, all-inclusive packages

- the initial anxiety of that "first day" with a new client!

Hey my friend, I try to read the questions as I go so you don't miss anything, but you're missing the GOLDEN commentary on this video by not seeing this replay in the group! Please join us?

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