#FBLIVE: How to overcome the fears about your organizing business

Hear Jen discuss what it was like starting out with affluent clientele and how she overcame the insecurities of working in their homes.

I'm back!

We took a holiday hiatus from the live chat broadcasts in P.O. Studio Girls, but as of this past Tuesday, we are back in business :)

Problem of the day! One of my students wrote me with this question: 

Being a single mom, I live within a certain budget and tax bracket. But I am aiming at clients in a higher budget and bracket (because I want to make money...) So what I'm wondering is, if you were in the same boat starting out, did you feel you were out of your league? Or kind of impostering....if that's a word....?  I know I know what I'm doing, but I sometimes feel like I'm "faking" my authority or something. Because I'm not a full time professional. Does any of that make sense? 

Because this is exactly what I felt like when I started out, I just had to address this. So emotional. 

We also discussed:

- Presenting yourself strategically to your clientele

- Personality typing for your clients

- Nitty gritty details on policies, following up with clients, and how to run your sessions

- Why Squarespace is my favorite website platform

- Pinterest vs. Instagram

+ a ton more Q&A!

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