#FBLIVE: How to become a professional organizer

Learn how to become a professional organizer! Hear Jen's story of starting her organizing business with no money... and no plan. Just hustle.

In this Facebook Live session from the P.O. Studio Girls private group, I'm sharing a little of my personal story about how I started my organizing business in the summer of 2014 without any money or real plan.

Learn how I went from being desperate and clueless, to making sales every time I went on a consultation with a new client.

  • Yes, I wasted my first profits on the wrong things (1:30)
  • Things I did in order to jump into organizing full-time (2:40)
  • How perfectionism slowed me down (3:00
  • Standing out from local competition online (4:20)
  • How I got my first clients (6:00)
  • What my first website layout looked like (8:45)
  • My biggest regret from my early days of marketing (10:05)
  • The one question I have always asked potential clients (11:05)
  • How I made $2,029 on my first ever consultation (12:40)
  • How to make your clients comfortable with you immediately (14:10)
  • I sold my services as "packages" from the very beginning (15:05)
  • How connecting with your clients makes the sale (15:45)
  • Branding yourself makes ALL the difference (17:45)
  • The biggest mistake I think professional organizers make (18:13)
  • You can build a business solely on referrals (19:30)
  • There is nothing stopping you from making money organizing houses (20:45)
  • You need patience, compassion, and pure hustle to succeed (21:25)



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