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Why professional organizing could be the perfect career for Highly Sensitive People

There are very few people in the world who can truly say they love what they do.  If you’re one of them, you get it! Being a professional organizer  has allowed me to turn a passion into a career by working with women to organize and beautify their homes! I’ve been organizing for 7 years now, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with all types of clients. There’s been ups and downs and its taught me a little about a lot of stuff—and not just about organizing or about my clients, I’ve learned a lot about, well… me.

How to actually start single-tasking (& make huge progress in your business)

Ok, I need you to stay with me for a minute. Which might be hard, because we’re all juggling sooo many responsibilities. Side-hustling, day job, mom-life, actually trying to socialize and fit in some self-care… You probably have a million things going on all. the. freaking. time. But really, multitasking isn’t getting you closer to your goals. Instead, it’s costing you a lot in terms of productivity, energy, and peace of mind.

#FBLIVE: How to stay optimistic when business is a little slow #realtalk

...Let's get real. Have you gone through slow seasons in your home organizing business? Do you get stuck feeling anxious and unproductive? Worrying isn't going to fix your problems... but these tips will. This is the second video in my August series that I am so excited about, because it is all about really taking your organizing business to the next level. If you're feeling stuck or worn out because business is a little slow, I've got actionable tips that will help you get back on track.

#FBLIVE: 3 ways I've improved my client process this year

Our girl Layne gives some serious, actionable tips for professional organizers ready to improve their client processes. If you're past the newbie phase and ready to grow your professional organizing biz with intention, this video is exactly what you need. You're already a rockstar at organizing your clients' homes... but when was the last time you organized your own business? A disorganized approach to your client process not only runs counter to your brand, it makes it hard for your clients to trust you.

#FBLIVE: Decluttering your money mindset

Your money mindset can be one of the most unproductive things standing in between you and your pro organizing biz. I talk to a lot of newbie professional organizers in my Facebook group, and so many of them struggle with beliefs that seriously get in the way of their ability to make money. We're talking guilt about earning more than your friends and family, fear and anxiety when it comes time to charge your clients, and so much more... not to mention, these mindset blocks will make you feel totally anxious and burnt out. 

#FBLIVE: Project management for professional organizers (AKA what to do when you get into panic mode)

Let's be honest... have you ever felt really panicky about running your business? You are totally not alone. Overwhelm and burnout are real, and they are the last thing you want when running your professional organizing side hustle. Here, I'm nerding out a little to teach you tried and true project management techniques so you can get everything done and make your biz more profitable. 

The ultimate guide to your professional organizing side hustle

Running your side hustle... it isn't an easy gig. But having a job you love, where you get to use your natural talents to make people's lives better? Totally worth it. I know that getting started while you're busy can be tough. That's why I've put together 6 of my favorite productivity tips so you can rock your side hustle while staying sane. Plus read to the end to download a complete side hustle guidebook with tips from real Pro Organizers! 

Blogging for professional organizers: A year of seasonal content ideas

As I state in my free course for starting a pro organizing biz, you just don't have to do a bunch of free or cheap jobs for people in order to get the ball rolling on getting clients.

I believe in giving your expertise away and showing off your aesthetic online, because your blog can be like Tinder for your business. In just a post or two, your potential client can fall in love with you, your style & your branding and forget other organizers ever existed, or... swipe left and forget about you forever. 

Your writing style, your ideas, and the photos that go along with your blog can go a long way in speaking to your future clients even if you aren't a full-time organizer. In fact, if you are working another job right now or staying at home with your kids, one way to plant the seeds for a future career as a professional home organizer is to just start blogging.

#FBLIVE: How to package your organizing services (+ targeting high-end clients)

Problem of the day! Layne (that's Lay-knee) has been organizing for awhile, and says, "I want my client base to be the higher end clients who can #1 afford to put the time and money into the project, and #2 know that it won't happen in only 2 hours." 

Yes yes YES! Hear Jen (that is me!) talk about the basics of why to package your organizing services as all-inclusive, irresistible deals for your clients rather than nickel-and-diming them by your hourly rate. It's easier for you to manage, easier for them, and the BEST way to build your business for long-term success.