4 free Facebook groups for professional organizers (& why we have closed ours)

4 free Facebook groups for professional organizers (& why we have closed ours)


Hi there P.O. Studio family...

From the first time I nervously went "live" on Facebook inside our tiny group back in September of 2016, I only ever had one goal: to help professional organizers stop overanalyzing and worrying about moving forward in their business, and to take solid ACTION.

Now more than ever, I want Pro Organizer Studio to be that place that organizers come to when they really understand that what it takes to move to the "next level" in business (and it won't be with you wearing ALL the hats, superwoman. We see you running around in circles trying to do it all 😉)

So to move closer to the vision I have for what I know my team and I are capable of helping this industry accomplish, we've made the decision to change the way we support you online. We're saying goodbye to our free Facebook group, but HELLO to even more community via our Instagram ( DAILY ), Facebook business page, and YouTube channel. 

Choose your next step...

If you're still in the newbie stages of business (or just researching what being a professional organizer is all about), the Studio Startup Kit is where you want to be (see the video tour here). It's a membership area that just costs $1 your first week -- so I know you hustlers can get in there and binge on all the video content within 7 days, if you're financing your business dream on a dime. #doable

If you've had a few clients (or heck, even been in business for a few years) and are craving friends who get it, PLUS a solid system for booking and managing high-end client projects, Inspired Organizer™ is for you. This is not only a content-packed course, but a private mastermind community of women invested in their organizing biz and personal growth at a super-high level. We also have a ton of fun and share the deep "shizzah" that comes with being in this career. If you love the Jen & Layne vibe, this is your real true home. (enrollment for this quarter is closing May 23rd FYI)

I CANNOT go without saying how phenomenal the women on my team are (insert at least 7 heart-eyes-emojis). Every one of us is hustling to build our own companies, but we come together as like, the coolest, most personable network of experts on our own specific subjects right here at P.O. Studio. If you've gotten any sort of value from me over the past couple of years, the best way you can thank me is to hire one of these ladies when you're ready to outsource that one part (or 3) of your business that drains you and makes you want to cry into your laptop. We want nothing more than to help you do your dream business in a way that you will LOVE. And to that end, they are so, SO good at what they do >> see our services here.

I guess it's clear that... we just aren't going to be the place people come to to hang out and talk about starting their business anymore.

Trust me, it's really tough letting go of something I'm attached to and that so many people were JUST now finding. 

But it's ok with me because you're going to remember what we do BEST for a really long time: serving an intimate circle of committed clients and students at a personal, transformative level.

I want to use my moment here to pay it forward and promote some of the other Facebook groups for professional organizers that you can join. Please be soooo wonderful to these hosts because I KNOW how much time and heart it takes to build a free community of any size online, and they all have amazing things to share with the organizing industry. 💕💕


1. Professional Organizers' Think Tank with Lisa Woodruff


2. Organizing Business Insiders with Rachel Rosenthal


3. Organizers Unleashed with Cynthia Murray


4. Professional Organizer Accelerator with Monica Fay

Thank you all so much for joining the P.O. Studio with Jen & Layne Facebook group, for showing up to the live chats and for supporting each other all along the way. It really means so much to me that I have been a part of your journey, and I look forward to continuing our relationship here on our blog and all over the rest of our little nooks on the internet.  

xo, Jen O

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